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Serving our Community, Body and Soul

Category: Health & Education

Los Angeles, United States
This is a "Flexible" funding project. The project owner will receive any funds raised by the deadline.
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  • DEADLINE 07.31.2013 00:00
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Perks for your contribution:

Who we are & What we do: Community Services Unlimited Inc. (CSU) is a non-profit created in 1977 by the Southern California chapter of the Black Panther Party as its non-profit arm. Though the Party ceased to exist, the spirit of the Panthers is embodied in CSU's current programs designed to serve the people in the context of our current reality. We seek to create sustainable communities by offering trainings, workshops and classes to build the skills and talents necessary for individuals to be self-reliant, confident and engaged members of society. The current food system is broken and we are engaged in envisioning and building community-driven solutions to ensure that we have high quality, affordable food in our communities. Our programs our designed to build the knowledge and awareness of how what we put in our mouths impacts us in every way and to spread the skills needed to build food self-sufficiency.

Our project: The "Serving our Community, Body and Soul" Project would provide mental health services for staff members at Community Services Unlimited Inc, most of whom are community residents of South Central L.A. themselves. As CSU staff members have worked tirelessly to improve the health of others in South Central L.A., they have at times neglected their own health. In order to keep CSU sustainable and full of life from the inside out, CSU is raising $5,000 as a pilot project to fund a therapist to provide one-on-one and group sessions for staff members. This pilot project will also include regular group exercise opportunities and other ways for staff to stay physically as well as mentally fit.
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“[We] are excited to use HBFunder to support our projects that build community health in South Central Los Angeles!
We work locally to build global change and love that anyone - from the other side of the earth to down the street - can be part of our mission.”

Neelam Sharma, Executive Director
Community Services Unlimited, Inc.


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