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Downtown LA Community Garden Project

Category: Health & Food Security

Los Angeles, United States
This is a "Flexible" funding project. The project owner will receive any funds raised by the deadline.
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  • $0PLEDGED OF $2,500 GOAL
  • DEADLINE 07.31.2013 00:00
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Perks for your contribution:

$25 or more

Grow the Garden!

A $25 contribution will help purchase much-needed materials to sustain and expand our gardens.
$50 or more

Master Gardener!

A $50 contribution will help fund master gardener trainings for low-income resident gardeners.
$100 or more

Garden Champion!

A $100 contribution will help support an ongoing stipend and training program for low-income residents who are coordinating the garden project.
Our project focuses on individual, community and environmental health by engaging low-income residents in changing their food environment, expanding and then changing their options for food consumption, improving their community, and creating therapeutic shared space.  

In addition to the rooftop garden shown in the video above, we will be creating new gardens and expanding the garden teams throughout the community.  

In a community with ZERO grocery stores and limited access to other food outlets, community gardening is a means for residents to take control over spaces, food choices, and their own health.   

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“[We] are excited to use HBFunder to support our projects that build community health in South Central Los Angeles!
We work locally to build global change and love that anyone - from the other side of the earth to down the street - can be part of our mission.”

Neelam Sharma, Executive Director
Community Services Unlimited, Inc.


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